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1500 km trip

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Sometimes if there are too many coincidences, you know that it is somehow meant to be. Before I purchased my Series 2A, I had been speaking with an old university mate, who runs a farm in the South East of SA. I had mentioned to him that was on the look out for a Series Land Rover. Out of the blue he sent me a link to a farm auction in the Barossa that had a 1955 Series 1 86" up for sale. After making a few enquiries, it turned out that the property was just down the road from my parents in law. They were kind enough to pop down and inspect the car as it turns out they they knew the owner who had purchased the car 30 years ago from a shearer in Booleroo in the North of South Australia. It was registered for a couple of years but spent most of its time in a shed with the occasional run ate Barossa Valley Historic Vehicle Club events.

I feel very privileged that Geoff and I have been able to purchase this incredible car. It is in amazing condition which is a credit to its previous owners.


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