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Front Diff and Axle Assembly

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

After 17 weeks of Covid-19 lockdown in NSW, finally, restrictions have been eased and I am able to travel outside of the 5km zone, which means I can get back to work on the car. I threw myself right back into it, spending the day with my hands in petrol cleaning all of the front diff and axle components. After a few coats of paint I am really happy with how it came up. I am looking forward to getting it all back together. I am getting closer to having a rolling chassis which is very exciting

It is a milestone to have the swivel housings back together. I have to admit I did make a few mistakes and ended up having to re-do a few steps but that is all part of the learning process right. Getting the correct pre-load on the bearings took about 10-15 tries adding and removing shims but I got there finally (edit: I realised after I wrote this that I mixed 2 of the backing plates between the front and back. I only noticed when I went to install the brakes and realised that the adjuster was on the wrong side).

I picked up a set of parabolic springs from a friend who's project stalled. They look great after a coat of satin black. The spring hangers were a bit worn so I need to get hold of some replacements before I bolt them back on to the chassis.

There were two different base plates on the front so I need to get a matching with the same dimensions. I think that the one on the left in the image below is the original. Time to go treasure hunting.


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