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What do all the numbers mean?

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Early Lard Rovers were shipped out to Australia in containers, referred to as completely knocked down (CDK) and assembled locally. According to posts on the early series models were assembled at a number of locations across Australia; Melbourne - Regent Motors, Brisbane - Annand & Thompson, Sydney - Grenville Motors in Sydney, Perth - Faull's Motors and Champion's in Adelaide. From 1956 onwards Rover Co Ltd contracted Pressed Metal Corporation PMC) to build Lan Rovers in their factory in Enfield in Western Sydney.

My S2 has the PMC id plate on the firewall and the identification plate with the vehicle number. The first 3 numbers identify the model and specification and the remaining numbers and letter signifies a year range. There is a handy tool for Series Land Rovers called CalVIN where you can enter the vehicle number and find out what each number and letter mean. Model: Land Rover, Series IIA

Body type: Basic or Station wagon

Wheel base: 88in

Engine: petrol

Model years: 1962-1971

Destination: Completely knocked down (CKD), right-hand drive (RHD)

Suffix used from March 1963 till April 1966


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