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Updated: Aug 2, 2021

One of the great things about the Series Land Rovers is that all of the body panels are made from aluminium, which not only saves weight but you don't get the rust that you would in a car with steel panels. The exception is the bulk head which, is made of steel for strength and it is the place, besides the chassis, that usually needs the most work. The main problem areas the the footwells, the pillars and around the vents. This one is no exception, the footwells need replacing (you can see the patches in the picture below) and there is some rust in the RH pillar. The vents are in really good shape. Overall it is not to bad.

There is more work than I assumed in removing the bulkhead. everything seems to be attached to it including panels, brake and clutch assembly, accelerator linkages, steering columns, electrics and gauges.


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