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Useful Australian Series Landrover Resources

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

These are a few resources that I have used so far.



  • John Carroll, LAND ROVER SERIES 11/11A - Good coffee table book for some inspiration

  • Classic Land Rover Magazine available on

YouTube Channels

Parts Retailers

  • Auto West Paint Supplies

  • Land Rover Heaven - Dave D'Arcy is a good guy. He supplied me with a bulkhead and rear crossmember at a decent price.

  • Mil-Spec Restorations in Victoria - They fabricate and sell chassis and bulkhead replacement parts. They look like better quality than the UK equivalents and you save time and money on shipping.

  • LandyBitz on the Gold Coast - I have not purchased anything from them yet but they have a wide range of parts and they are distributors of Exmoor Trim products in Australia.

  • Red Earth Valley Land Rover Hoods located in Brisbane - They make canvas hoods locally and seem to have a good reputation. From the research that I have done the canvas that is manufactured locally is different to those made overseas to take into account the harshness of the Australian environment. This means that they have a higher UV rating and are less vulnerable to fading and rot.

Facebook Groups

  • Series Land Rover Australia

  • Series Land Rover Down Under

  • Buy Sell Swap Landrover Australia

  • Land Rovers Australia buy swap and sell

  • Series Shed

  • AULRO (Australian Landy Owners Group)


  • dobbo_down_under

  • landroverheaven

  • islandrovers

  • theadventuregarage

  • 260ac

  • land_rover_series_pics

  • nz_land_rover_adventure

  • karoo2.25

  • northamericaoverland

  • flacondesigngermany

  • overlandprojects

  • coolnvintage

Specialist Skills

  • Geoff Wheeler Classic Car Restorations, Sun Valley, NSW 0141 451 283 - Geoff has done all of the chassis work, helped source parts and pulled down the engine.

  • Outer West Sandblasting Services


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